Doha, Qatar January 6th, 2008.  

Photographic images are evidence, be they black and white prints from Gettysburg to streaming video live from Gaza.  A Photo is time frozen.   A video looped endlessly to the point of abstraction.  The value of a photographic document lies in  what it shows as much as who it is shown to and the context in which it is presented in.  An image can be as strong in what it does not show.   On January 6th. 2008 I was in the Doha International Airport when I began to notice flights being cancelled or delayed for hours.  People began to leave the airport as the possibilities of travel that day dwindled.  As I later learned, this was a result of US and Iranian gunboats facing off in the Straight of Hormuz 250 miles to the northeast.  Standing in a vacant airport, hearing only the drone of further delays and cancellations announced, an almost eerie calm reigned.  This incident allowed me to photograph an empty airport, something surreal, a place many of us have never seen. This lead to a series of images whose tranquility and clarity belies the potential violence of the event (the very real possibility of another war beginning) that spawned them.